Bye-Bye Thanksgiving, Hello Detox! Juice Fasting After the Holidays

29 Nov

Even though I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving in Brazil, I became used to looking forward the whole year for it, since it is my favorite American Holiday! I love all the autumn spices and flavors…Julian apple cider, brussel sprouts, pumpking, squash, and an endless list of awesomeness!

This year was not different, and I cooked again all my favorites: Herb Butter (Rosemary, Sage and Thyme) Roasted Turkey stuffed with Meyer Lemons and Sweet Onions; Brussel Sprouts Au Gratin, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Relish and Brazilian Farofa (toasted cassava/yucca) flour with shredded carrots, raisins and walnuts. A friend brought some nice iraqui flat bread. For dessert, I made Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse and Semisweet Chocolate Ganache Pie, and my chef friend brought Pumpking Bread Pudding with Rum Caramel Sauce…Heaven!!

Everything was perfect, and as we feast on these goodies the conversation went on to “Fasting”. It turns out there is a movie out called  “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” that inspired my friend to want to start juicing. Another friend, who is an expert on the subject ( I remember fasting on fruits this summer while camping on the desert because he convinced us it would be a great opportunity) started to go over the benefits, while my hubby said he did not understand why people do it and would probably never be one of these people.  Well, he already had agreed to do this Brazilian soup diet for a week with me after Thanksgiving, but see you he diet is not so strict. For a whole week you can drink a delicious vegetable soup plus solid foods which change on a daily basis, mainly fruits and vegetables but one day you can have one baked potatoes and on another 2 days you can have a small steak…Yep, this is how brazilians detox and do diets, keep the meat!

Well…Then two days later another friend came over and insisted we watch that movie, and he was also inspired to start the Juice Fast Program. Could this be just a coincidence? But I don’t believe in coincidences!Specially when you hear the same story from three of your closest friends – and they don’t even talk to each other! I took it as a sign, and after watching the movie and visiting their web site I figured: “What the heck? It doesn’t hurt to try!” I have done many Fastings before, but usually they involve solid fruit and veggies, and one time I did a Fast for a Spiritual Vision Quest where I didn’t eat or drink anything including water for four days…this cannot be that bad….

The hubby agreed we forget the Brazilian soup diet and try this one instead, so I went to the movie website and clicked on the link to the Juicing Program.

Reboot Program

It is called Reboot and you can fill out a questionnaire and register if you want, so they can advised which of their three plans is best for you.

All their Programs include solid fruits and veggies, so we choose to do the 15 day Reboot Standard Program, but we will do it for 10 days. The first 5 days it is a combination of solid fruits and veggies and the juice, then 5 days of only juicing, then it goes back to the first 5 days of mixed juices and solids.

We decided to say goodbye to food by having me cook a Brazilian favorite: Beef Strogonoff with Crimini Mushrooms, Basmati White Rice and Shoestring Potatoes. We even had soda and chocolate, to make the transition easier…

Not really because Reboot advises to prepare for a whole week before by eating healthier, eliminating processed foods, sugar, oil, animal protein, etc…

But well, it is the intention that counts, and we are very excited about detoxing our bodies and starting the New Year with a clean mind and body.

Wish us luck!!!

One Response to “Bye-Bye Thanksgiving, Hello Detox! Juice Fasting After the Holidays”

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