The road from San Diego to Pismo Beach

22 Nov

California never ceases to amaze me! We took the U.S. 101 from San Diego to Pismo Beach and the GPS was set to find the shortest route. It took us from the Coast Highway to the mountains, where the temperature and vegetation changed drastically. We drove by parts of the Cleveland National Forest and beautiful Santa Ana mountains, where we saw wineries, lakes and animals. Amazing!

One Response to “The road from San Diego to Pismo Beach”

  1. D. Cole November 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Awesome photos Foodandotherstuff, California is a rather unique place one minute you are driving along the coast next minute you driving through a dry desert, another minute you elevating through the mountains, and so on. Seems like you have a real appreciation for nature!!!


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