Pistachio Lucuma Pudding + Cacao Cherry Lace

11 Jul

veganpistachiopuddingDay 2 of Plant Based Desserts, and so far everything we made is raw. We have been using a dehydrator ( nothing is dehydrated over 115 F), blenders and food processors. There is no ovens, pots or pans.

We also made coconut yogurt that we will be using for a recipe today. I am excited to see the result, since all my previous attempts at it were not completely satisfying.

I’ll keep you posted.



One Response to “Pistachio Lucuma Pudding + Cacao Cherry Lace”

  1. thekeytoselfconfidence3902079 July 12, 2018 at 1:15 pm #

    Sounds absolutely delicious !


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