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How Sweet It Is: So Sweet Blog Award

27 Sep


Could not believe my eyes! I was surprised, flattered, and honored to be nominated for the So Sweet Blog Award by Gnostic Bent. Thank You!!

English is not my first language, and I am not a writer. In fact, I attempted this “blog thing” years ago, under this same name and gave up after a few posts. You see, I tend to be a little bit of a perfectionist, and because of the two reasons mentioned above, to publish a post was such an ordeal to me. I would read, spell check, correct and change it so many times…

When I moved to WordPress I was still being so cautious before publishing a post,but it was driving me crazy. So I decided to relax and not worry so much about misspelling, having perfect grammar,or not having a writing style.

Being part of the WordPress community has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much by sharing my world with other bloggers and people here. Reading stories, experiences, poems,looking at photos, makes me feel as if  I am being transported to another reality where I become part of it, just for that moment. It becomes so addictive that I am always looking forward to my daily ritual of “reading blogs time”. There are so many spectacular bloggers and blogs here, everyday I discover new ones.

This is why I was so flattered and honored to be nominated. Specially because the nomination came from a blog that I love – Gnostic Bent. Here, Scott writes on so many different topics, and in such a way that it so captivating I just can’t stop reading it. Beware, this blog is highly addictive.

When accepting the nomination, I must nominate a few of my favorite blogs.This part is extremely difficult because there are so many, and I would love to list them all. But I guess I will save it for later… Fellow bloggers, Congratulations on your nomination to the So Sweet Blog Award, and keep doing what you are doing…You Rock!

Here it goes:

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