WPC: Resolve- Not to Resolve

6 Jan

1-iPhoto LibraryThis week’s Weekly Photo Challenge inspired me to ramble a bit on this post.
I do not like “New Year Resolutions”. To me, is just too much pressure on ourselves and in the year to start.

You see, I used to be a planner. I always believed that if I planned, I would have more control over my life, and as a result, everything would most likely go according to my plans. That was when life taught me a valuable lesson : You cannot control anything.
Of course planning, and trying to be being prepared for whatever may come your way is a good thing.
But to believe you can draft a script and this is going to be followed, to me is just insane.

This does not mean I will not set out intentions to better different aspects of my life. I believe that anything that is too radical and extreme should be avoided. Because life is all about out balance. When I put too much pressure and stress on myself I already know that sooner or later Im going to succumb and go the other way out.

So if my intention was to want to have a healthier lifestyle , for instance, I gradually start adding more vegetables , fruits, whole grains and lean meat to your diet. Try and substitute white flour and white rice for the whole version. Avoid fried foods, decrease dairy consumption, and try to move your body whenever I get a chance. Now, this is feasible! And once I start , I will soon notice how my body will naturally crave this healthy stuff (exercise included).
Isn’t it so much easier than deciding to cut everything I like from my diet, shocking my body and mind with a radical change, until the day I would say “this is it”, and get back on my old ways?!
I know this is how my mind works. Therefore, I will not make any resolutions.

As long as I keep in mind I am going to maintain a positive attitude , and almost like “Pollyanna” try and see the good on everything that happens. And not get too upset when things change and don’t happen as I had them planned to happen.

I am aware that nobody has Control over their life. At any time external forces might just spin it 180 degrees and turn it upside down. What do I do then?
Get up, shake it off and move on.
Let go of trying to control life and enjoy the ride.

Happy New Year everyone! May this year be full of good health, happiness, and good intentions.

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