2 Nov

When I heard the story of the chefs and owners – John Shook and Vinny Dotolo- of Animal, I knew it had to be pure awesomeness! These amazing new chefs,who met at Culinary School, ran a popular catering business for a little over an year when they decided to open up their meat lovers (especially organ meat) paradise!

After trying to make reservations for quite some time with no sucess, I followed a friend’s advice and tried waiting outside on a line until the restaurant opens up, and going for the bar seats.
We arrived at 4:30pm and for my surprise there was already a line!

This was the line already at 4:30 pm

We left our names on a waiting list and went for a walk down the street. Went inside a restaurant supply store…good thing they called us with an opening for a two top, but we couldnt last more than 2 hours on that table. No problem, we will take it!

The menu changes daily, and “Substitutions and Modifications are politely declined.”

As the menus show, we are still able to order Foie Gras, right before the California Foie Gras Ban. Nice!

Hamachi Tostada+Herbs+Zesty Fosh Sauce Vinaigrette+Peanut

Soft Shell Crab Chilaquiles+ Soft Scrambled Eggs

Foie Gras+ Biscuit+Mapple Sausage+Gravy

Veal Tongue+Smoked Foie Gras+Pastrami Spices+Shaved Toasted Pumpernickel+Brown Mustard Sauce+Crab Apple

Pastel de Tres Leches

Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar+Salt and Pepper Ice Cream+Nutella Cloud

Everything about this restaurant is superb. The service is excellent, and the food , words just cannot describe the awesomeness…The execution and presentation of the dishes are flawless, and leave you wondering when you can go back to taste the other dishes you were too full to try.

The Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar is to die for, with crunchy tiny pieces of bacon incorporated in what it tastes like differents layers of cold chocolate mousse and ganache. It is powered with a concotion made with a chocolate hazelnut spread(Nutella style) and paired with a delicious Salt and Pepper Ice cream. You have to taste it , words do not make it justice.

Try calling ahead if you do not feel like standing in line.


435 N. Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CaA 90036

Phone: (323) 789-9225
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  1. daisyandthefox November 4, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    wow – what an adventure for the pallet!! looks yum! 🙂


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