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Pistachio Lucuma Pudding + Cacao Cherry Lace

11 Jul

veganpistachiopuddingDay 2 of Plant Based Desserts, and so far everything we made is raw. We have been using a dehydrator ( nothing is dehydrated over 115 F), blenders and food processors. There is no ovens, pots or pans.

We also made coconut yogurt that we will be using for a recipe today. I am excited to see the result, since all my previous attempts at it were not completely satisfying.

I’ll keep you posted.



Sink or Swim – Designing for a Sea Change must see exhibit ends on May 3

26 Apr

Have you ever heard of Resilient Design?

The exhibit Swim or Sink – Designing for a Sea Change shows prints, architectural projects and a documentary film on the theme of resilience and adaptation of coastal communities that are being affected by the rising of the sea level and the natural disasters that came with it.

Around the globe people are adapting and surviving by using resilient building design (using green and sustainable materials and taking into account all possible natural disasters that might affect that area).

The Annenberg Space for Photography presents 90 prints from acclaimed photographers. The film and photos explore the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, hurricane Sandy, and resilient design being used in Bangladesh, Japan, Nigeria and Netherlands.

Admission is free and parking is validated. If you are in Los Angeles, hurry because the exhibit only lasts until May 3.





It is breathtaking and inspiring to see how so many people are working to change and improve this global issue. And it is all done trough the power of image.

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