Bjork’s Biophilia

6 Apr

Bjork’s new album- Biophilia-which was released in October 2011 was partly recorded in an iPad and it is an “app album” that contains each song as a separate app. And if you have an iPad can play games, watch videos and change the songs remixing it into your own version.

I know, I know, this is old news, but I just recently found out about it and wanted to share, just in case you didn’t know about it either.

I mean, how cool is this? An interactive album that allows me to change a song and make my own version of it?!

I heard that the track named “Virus” has a video of a virus taking over a cell and eventually killing it, but you can stop it from happening! Yeah, that’s right! But if you do you can’t listen to the rest of the song.

I loved this! Going to download mine now!


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