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19 Nov

Assouline is my favorite website to go to when I want to disconnect from the world and travel in the amazing world of books.

Assouline has its own Publishing Company, and most titles focus on books geared toward images and photography rather than text content. These are a few that are on my wishlist:

Books are not the only items they offer. Assouline also has  beautiful stationery:

And miscellaneous awesome stuff such as this:

Goyard Book Trunk for Assouline

And if you have a business, they offer corporate gifts tailored to your taste and preferences

Just wish I could afford to buy their whole inventory, I absolutely love Assouline!

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Support The Internet Radio Fairness Act – Pandora Radio

27 Sep

Support The Internet Radio Fairness Act – Pandora Radio.

Could not believe the e-mail I received today from Pandora‘s founder Tim Westergren! It looks like Congress will be voting on a Bill  to “end royalty rate discrimination against internet radio and bring greater fairness to our industry. Today, the discrimination is extraordinary. In 2011, Pandora paid over 50% of revenues in performance royalties, while SiriusXM paid less than 10%.”

Pandora is my favorite iphone app by far. I listen to it when I am out exercising, in my car, in the house, computer, all the time and everywhere.

I like it so much because I can choose an artist, song, genre or mood (such as Yoga Workout or Calm Meditation).  It plays songs related to that theme, that belong to the same genre, or similar artists. It also lets me skip songs that I don’t like, Bookmark songs that I like and rate them by selecting a Thumbs up or Thumbs Down Icon, so it remembers next time to play it  or not.

It is a great way to find new artists and songs, and to listen to exclusively what I like. So I don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing music online (even though I still buy stuff I want to listen to all the time), or get stuck listening to that crap they play over and over in most radio stations nowadays.

And since Internet Radio is the topic of discussion, I should mention another favorite of mine: the Tune In Radio App.

It is a wonderful app that lets me listen to any radio station in the world. Yep, that’s right! You can either select the specific radio station you want to listen to, or choose randomly by country, state, city, and genre. And it is also free. I listen to my favorite hometown’s radio station in Brazil – Radio Lumen FM 99.5 -while I am here in California. Isn’t it crazy? Oh, the marvelous advent of the Internet!

Internet Radio is an essential part of my every day life, and I must confess, one I can’t no longer live without! This is why I felt so compelled to share this in my blog, so hopefully we can try to do our part to keep Internet Radio alive and well.

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