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Reboot Detox Day 2

12 Mar

A little late, I know, I have been busy juicing my life away. Seriously, it is a lot of work! So if you are already busy I recommend to read through the recipes because some are repeated, you can make double and have it ready.

When you make your juices ahead of time, it is important to immediately store them in a glass jar with a lid in the fridge (mason jars are perfect for this). If you are taking them to work with you, make sure you keep them in a cooler with ice gels and/or the refrigerator – they are extremely perishable. To obtain the most nutrients drink it within 24 hours.

Now, to the menu:

When you wake up: Hot water with lemon and ginger

Breakfast: Berry – Apple -Cinnamon Bake (same as Day 1)

Morning Snack: Celery Pear Cucumber


Lunch: Kale and Avocado Salad+Raw Carrot Ginger Soup

Raw Carrot Ginger Soup

Raw Carrot Ginger Soup

The original recipe for this raw soup includes honey and coconut. I do not like sweet soups, so I adapted again to my taste. Instead, I skipped those ingredients, and added curry powder, and cayenne and garnished with avocado.

Afternoon Snack: Celery Pear Cucumber

Dinner: Green Detox Soup+Sauteed greens with Garlic

For the Sauteed Greens I used Chard, Kale and Spinach. I sauteed in coconut oil with garlic, sea salt and a dash of nutmeg. My favorite recipe of the day!

Before Bed: Herbal Tea (caffeine free)

The second day went by fine. No cravings, and no painful side effects. I felt super energized, as if I had taken 5 espresso shots at once.

So far, so good!

Fruits, Vegetables and Juice Fasting – Day one

30 Nov

The day before starting our Detox fasting I went to get groceries buy and prepare the ingredients for the next day. Groceries were so expensive! I bought provisions for two days, and spent $103. I also bought Flax Seed Oil for $9, and 4 boxes of tea for $12. I didnt find cherries, mushrooms and some other stuff, so I will switch it around.Also, I did not buy it all organic, because of the prices. For example one bunch of organic red radishes is $1,49 vs. 49 cents of the regular kind.

I understand now why there is an obesity epidemic! Nobody can afford to eat healthy in America!

First thing in the morning

We woke up excited and anxious about the Fasting. Had a mate tea with lemon and stevia. I know I am not supposed to have caffeine, but I don’t consider mate to have caffeine, it is actually a different stimulant that it has. And well, I am very addicted to coffee, so just by eliminating it from my diet or ten days is a big difference already.


Breakfast was Baked Apples with Cherries, Raisins, Cinnamon and Agave. We didn’t have cherries, so I substituted for Pears. It was very good. I couldn’t finish the whole thing, and I had to save half and eat it forty minutes later.

Mid-Morning Juice

The mid-morning juice was fine, a mix of apples, kale, celery, cucumber, and spinach. It is not something you can just drink in one sip. It took me about an hour to finish it. And I wasn’t hungry.


For lunch we had the Green Reboot Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing, which was basically all the greens you want with your veggies of choice. The dressing is a basic vinagrette that can be made in the blender, and very tasty. I added some alfafa sprouts, which are ok, but bean sprouts are not because they are hard to digest.


I was starting to get hungry when snack time came, and was excited about this concoction. It was carrot juice, blended with avocado, coconut meat, ginger, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and olive oil. It was a pleasant mixture of sweet,salty and spicy. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I also started feeling sleepy, with low energy and had a headache.


Dinner was supposed to be a green salad, and Broccoli, Snow Peas and Green Beans Steamed with Honey Ginger Garlic Soy Sauce Dressing. I said supposed to because we could not even eat the salad! Yep! That is how full we were. Pretty amazing! And the dressing is so delicious, it tastes great with the veggies.

Steamed Green Beans and Broccoli

By the time I was done with dinner my head was pounding, and I felt like my head was foggy, almost like I was dizzy. I took a nice bath and went to bed, proud for having being able to finish Day 1! And it was not so hard! I guess the hardest thing was not to have coffee in the morning. Okay, maybe the headache,bloating and indigestion are things I am happy about, but I guess it is my body reacting to the extreme changes I made in my diet today. And I am fine with that.

One thing that I noticed was that every time I changed the channel there was something about food, Fast Food Nation was on, then Dr. Oz show about families going hungry in America because they cannot afford to put food on the table. I think you just became more aware of what is happening.

The first day is over and I am looking forward for tomorrow!

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