Fruits, Vegetables and Juicing Fast – Day 2

3 Dec

Haven’t blogged about my fasting for a couple of days… I have been busy, and this Fasting Diet is a lot of work! All the washing, prepping, juicing, blending…oh, and trying to fit it all in my refrigerator!

I had a great night of sleep, and it was actually very hard to get out of bed, I was so sleepy and my muscles were sore, as if I had done exercise the day before. I still had a headache and low energy.

I started my day with hot tea with lemon. Then on to the breakfast:

Excellent juice this morning! Pinneapples, apples, blackberries, kiwis, mint and coconut water in the blender! I was happy! I drank it all fast!

Mid Morning Juice

I have to say this was the worst juice I have ever drank in my life! It has beets,carrots, celery, tomatoes,parsley, radishes and a jalapeno pepper. The recipe called for a lot of parsley, but I used less. I am trying to adapt the recipes to my taste buds, and to what I have in my pantry and fridge. I did not like this one! It took me over 2 hours to finish it and I left some on the cup, way too nasty!


Another green salad with your favorite veggies! Nice!

Snack and Dinner

Curried zucchini, spinach, leeks and basil soup

This soup was light and tasty. As with all the other recipes, I twist it to accommodate my palate. So with this one I added some red pepper flakes, and yellow curry powder. I was delicious! The hubby didn’t like it that much, but he does not like soup…well, more for me…haha

Roasted Acorn Squash with Mushrooms and Thyme

This recipe for dinner was my favorite. I roasted the squash first, then placed on top a mix of onions, garlic, thyme and mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil. I roasted it again for 10 minutes and Voila!!Awesomeness! Even my husband that does not like squashes in any way, shape or form loved this one.

Another herbal tea with lemon before bed, and and Advil. I tried not to take anything but I could not handle my headache anymore.

Day 2 is gone and I am so happy is much easier than what I thought it would be!

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