Coconut Yogurt gone wild 

12 Jul

Coconut Yogurt – Yay!

All my attempts to make coconut yogurt were not very successful. So, I was very excited to make yogurt at the PlantLab class.

Yesterday we checked on the Yogurt we left dehydrating overnight and they all looked like they overfermented. Ours looked like it had exploded and it fermented way more than all the others. Not sure why.

We used fresh Thai coconut and Acidophilus for probiotics.

The taste was amazing. Tart, resembled Greek yogurt or even Labneh. We did have to blend it to make it smooth and eliminate the crust.

Any ideas about what might have happened that caused over fermentation?

Anybody has an awesome recipe to share?

Pistachio Lucuma Pudding + Cacao Cherry Lace

11 Jul

veganpistachiopuddingDay 2 of Plant Based Desserts, and so far everything we made is raw. We have been using a dehydrator ( nothing is dehydrated over 115 F), blenders and food processors. There is no ovens, pots or pans.

We also made coconut yogurt that we will be using for a recipe today. I am excited to see the result, since all my previous attempts at it were not completely satisfying.

I’ll keep you posted.



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