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Bring Your Lunch From Home

17 Apr

Are you tired of eating the same lunch everyday? Peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, tuna, or egg salad sandwich are on your lunch menu rotation? Say Sayonara to these boring lunches and start eating delicious and nutrition meals by bringing your own lunch from home.

It is easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Shop and prep your food ahead of time

When you get home from the store, wash, dry, cut, and portion your veggies and fruits. It makes your life so much easier if you also cook your veggies. Keep in mind that eating them raw is the best way to consume all the nutrients. But steaming, blanching and roasting are good too. You are going to lose some nutrients by prepping and cooking them ahead. But let’s be realistic – It is better to lose some nutrients and eat fruits and vegetables, than not to eat them at all.

2. Portion your meals

It is much easier to portion your snacks (baby carrots, fruits, nuts, yogurt, cookies) and place them in the refrigerator, so in the morning you just grab them, put them inside your lunch box and go. If you are environment friendly and do not want to have too many containers or use ziploc bags, just portion them by categories, such as one container for fruits, another for nuts, and so on. You can also use Mason Jars instead.

3. Cook double or triple the amount you usually do

Whenever you cook something, make more than you usually do, so you will have leftovers to take with you. I also freeze foods like beans, lentils, and stews. I make big batches and freeze them in individual portions, so I always have something to take with me.

4. Find containers and Lunch Boxes that keep your food cool and safe

To me, this is the most important part of packing my lunch. But nowadays it is really easy to find good quality containers and lunch boxes. They come in all shapes and forms. Salad bowls with plastic utensils and separate salad dressing containers, small bowls with two partitions to carry your granola separate from the yogurt, stainless steel containers, reusable sandwich bags, there are options for every taste.

lunch box 2

These are my new favorite containers, they come with a ice gel pack which goes in the middle

lunch box 3

There are four small containers that fit on top of the ice gel. Made by Rubbermaid, and bought at Target

Blue gel ice blocks help maintain the temperature of the food, and I always have a few in different sizes on my freezer.

I love this Lunch Bag. It has ice gel inside the bag, so I leave laying flat in the freezer for 12 hours before using it. Made by PackIt, bought at World Market

I love this Lunch Bag. It has ice gel inside the bag, so I leave laying flat in the freezer for 12 hours before using it. Made by PackIt, bought at World Market

5.Do not forget your Lunch

It sounds funny, but I have forgotten my lunch many times, only to realize it when I was starving. Try to follow a morning routine where grabbing your lunch becomes a part of it. Leave notes to yourself until you get used to taking it with you, or keep your car keys in the fridge so you will not forget it.


Enjoy your yummy healthy lunch, and let me know what are your favorite snacks in your Lunch Box!










Reboot Detox Day 4

12 Apr

Today was a little bit better than yesterday. No crankiness, but the headache did not go away. I woke up with acne on my face, which is good. Good because I know that this is how my body is expelling the toxins.

Day 4 Menu

When you Wake Up: Hot water with Ginger and Lemon

Breakfast: Get your Greens Smoothie

Morning Snack: Carrot Apple Lemon

Lunch: Reboot Green Salad+Green Detox Soup

Afternoon Snack: Carrot Apple Lemon

Dinner: Squash and Apple Soup+Roasted Acorn Stuffed with Mushrooms and Sage


I love this recipe, and I often make a “not so healthy” version of it with bacon and Gruyere Cheese that is to die for. On this recipe I gave it my twist, so I added thyme and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar to the mushrooms.

Before Bed: Herbal Tea

Four days down, a few more to go….Yay!

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